USA Today picks our Cedar Lodge as one
of the top 50 awesome vacation rentals!

But for our impending check-out time, I would write on about how absolutely fantastic our stay has been. We walked around the entire home taking photos for decorating ideas-even the men! The only question on all of our minds is when will we be back?? ~MP & TP Singapore Asia

It feels like a dream to be surrounded by so many beautiful antiques and an incredible dock, not to mention the view. If I could return every year, I would do so without batting an eye. I honestly have not left the grounds in the last 72 hours, and feel like I could stay here for another 72 without getting bored. ~BH - Los Angeles, California

...We could not have asked for a more magical place to gather... ~The M Family - Atlanta, Georgia

What a jaw-dropping incredible weekend this has been! From the moment we passed under the lighted arch, this has been an over-the top weekend. It is so apparent that you have created with careful intent and passion, a place to gather with friends and family. I love all of the many places we found to gather or to find solace. You have forged a retreat to soothe the soul and build lasting, loving bonds. ~CJ & EJ Overland Park, Kansas

As we sit here trying to find adjectives to best describe this home, we are at a loss but this is what we come up with amazing, awesome, cool, comfortable, cozy, captivating, eclectic, entertaining, eye catching, exquisite, fabulous, fun, incredible, magnificent, roomy, rustic, unimaginable, stunning and warm and inviting. That's only a few. We thank you. ~Massachusetts & Michigan

This place can be summed up in four words... The Best Place Ever! We can't wait to come back and make more memories. ~DP, LP, & TP - Galveston Island, Texas

We have had the best weekend ever! Great friends, wonderful food and the most fabulous home we have ever stayed in. It's unbelievable! With every turn, there is a big and more wonderful surprise, all done with such love and care. You've got a "one in-a-million home" and we love the time we spent here. Simply amazing. ~SS & CS

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime, to enjoy and feel the pleasure of the luxurious and the unique house. We all loved it, loved it in a way that we all can have memories for a lifetime and we all will hope that we can have pleasure to have the beauty of this mansion again some time. ~B and Family

What a pleasure it was to meet you and share your home for our corporate retreat. I think it was the first time the entire staff wanted to "stay longer and work more hours!!!" We are excited about sharing our experiences here with others in an upcoming issue of the magazine. ~AG

Wow! I can't stop drooling over this place-every corner of it! Most of all I love that I can see all of my family in one place, a beautiful place. We couldn't have asked for anything more. ~KD &MD

We held our family reunion here. I cannot express how much we all enjoyed ourselves. Your house is perfect in every way. Everyone had so much fun and we never ran out of things to do here. Your decor is stunning. You have so many pieces that were the topic of many conversations. The landscaping is breathtaking. Our family took a vote and they would love to come back to your property again in the future! Thanks Again ~DN, CN, AN & Family

What a great vacation!! We had a great time! The house is one of the most beautiful we've ever seen. We loved looking at all the decorations and attention to detail in every area of the house. We greatly appreciated every small thought put into the preparation! It was a perfect vacation and we made memories that we'll never forget. ~T, J, K, & Z

Our family has assembled from 6 states for our annual reunion. Cedar Lodge has been an incredible place for "memory moments" that will be enjoyed for many years. We have been blessed to have shared your beautiful and spacious home. The antiques, collectibles, landscaping, and of course, the "toys"are unexcelled. ~Florida, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas

It was so great to have our entire family together in one place for Christmas. We're still amazed at all the incredibly diverse and eclectic antiques and furnishings. You have created a beautiful space that invites togetherness. Our two little ones (ages 4 & 2) loved the playhouse. ~The H Family

What-a treat! Your home is beautiful and so relaxing. Our "Ya Ya" girls love this place and the family like atmosphere it has created for us. We hope to be back so leave the light on for us. ~CD

We have a family reunion every year and this was definitely one of our favorite places in the last 19 years. ~The A Family